After a lot of waiting, followed by more waiting, I finally received my cover for next Friday’s release, BOUND ODYSSEY at Ellora’s Cave. The guy’s gorgeous, si? This cover must be featuring Mira and Jace. I think I’ll run a contest when the book comes out for readers to make their best guess as to which scene this photo most appropriately applies. Cover art is not one hundred percent reflective of details in a book, but with a little imagination, this shot could fit in nicely to the story context. So stay tuned for the contest.

Missing from the cover is the third protagonist, Roman Nash. Roman is sexy, blond, and a flirtatious kick-ass southern gentleman. Right now he’s stewing off-cover wondering how to get back at Jace for appearing on the front of the book without him. Maybe he has plans to tie Jace up? He wouldn’t dare threaten to tie up Mira. She’d whip his ass.

So stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen, for release day. Pop over to my brand new website and join my newsletter to be part of all the action. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the site went live today. Yay!!!

Remember, safe, sane and consensual,



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