Bound Odyssey
By Michelle Polaris
Available now at Ellora’s Cave!
ISBN: 9781419924415

Dalton Diaz here. When Michelle Polaris invited me to her blog and gave me the honor of conducting an interview with Roman Nash, a character from her new book Bound Odyssey, I knew I didn’t have to beat around the bush. Seriously, no pun intended. I jumped right in with the hard stuff (again, no pun intended), and then jumped back to get the hell out of the way.
Roman is amazing. I thought so when I had the pleasure of reading the book, and I think it more than ever after conducting this interview. So here we are. I’m literally going to throw out some questions and watch Roman rise to the occasion. (Okay, pun intended on that one…)

DD: Can you describe what it was like growing up in North Carolina before the world changed?

RN: Here’s me getting all misty-eyed. Dalton, it was beautiful. Each sunrise and sunset was a God given gift. My family was tight. We laughed, we yelled, my Mom ended up whoopin’ the brood more times than not. Running the mountains was a type of perfection that’s impossible to find on Earth anymore. It was a noisy, quiet peace. Perfect. I miss it. Sometimes, early in the morning, when I’m almost awake, but not quite, I imagine I’m there. But there’s no going back. Nothing’s going to stop the Earth dying at this point.

DD: What was it like after the change?

RN: Well, I was never home after the Gravity Well explosions. That happened after I moved to Colorado. To tell you the truth, I don’t want to know what it was like for the folks still living out there. I want to keep my memories pure. I know more than enough about what it was like in this part of the country. Food shortages, riots, scared, desperate people taking out their worry on others. The atmosphere going to crap so that no one could step outside without a breather mask. That’s why reaching for heaven with Jace and Mira is everything. They’re a sweet salve to my soul. And I like to believe I’m a little of that for theirs. But you’ll have to ask them.

DD: How old were you when you realized you were bi-sexual?

RN: Whoa, Dalton, talk about the fast track to down and dirty, sweetheart. But since I have no problem with my sexuality, I’ll jump in with both barrels. Where I come from, in the Carolina Appalachia, a boy better prove quick he’s tougher and meaner than the rest. I was the middle son of a whole pack of brothers, so between all their friends I was constantly surrounded by guys, wrestling and talking big and throwing punches. For a while there I thought it was normal for a kid to get so jacked up by all that testosterone while giving each other shit. But about fourteen, when this kid Felix and I went dipping bareback in a local river, I woke up to reality. We started dunking one another and laughing and generally trying to beat the shit out of each other. But despite the water being cold as hell, certain of my attributes, shall I say, kept popping up to play. Well, one thing led to another with Felix. He’d never talk about it after, but I realized that day that something was different about me. Since I still got just as jazzed by the local girls, it took me longer to find a name for it. My family figured it out soon after, and, thank Christ, they never rejected me for it. But in the end it was my folks that sent me packing out of the mountains thinking I’d fit better someplace else. I both thank the Lord and curse him for the day they forced me to leave.

DD: So when did you realize you were a switch?

RN: Do your readers even know what that is? (Big shit-eating grin) Guess they’ll have to do their research if they don’t, huh? Sweetheart, I knew I was a switch soon after I got my first taste of the D/s scene. That’s Dominance and submission to the vanilla folk out there. It happened right after I settled in Colorado. That was before the Gravity Well explosions and the coasts sinking underwater, so the state didn’t get much attention as it does now with New Denver as the national capitol. I found the scene pretty quick. One of my first dates brought me to party and the rest, as they say, was historical minutiae. He was a sub, and his radar ID’d me as a Dom before I even knew it myself. So after a few relationships like that, I went to work as a Master at a local D/s club, and after that at a D/s House when the clubs went away. Thing was, from almost the beginning I wondered what it was like to play on the other side. When a particularly talented Mistress joined our staff at the House, I propositioned her to give me a taste. Sweet Jesus, the high’s intense. My urges to Dom never went away, but for the right person, I’ll gladly bare my throat and give everything.

DD: What ran through your mind the first time you saw Mira? Jace?

RN: With Mira it was easy. After appreciating her long legs and gorgeous triangle face, she opened her mouth, and within a minute I was thinking her voice sounded smooth with a hot kick, like butter and jalapenos. Then my gut started screaming at me to expose my belly, demand I wear her locked cuffs and throw away the key. It took maybe one day more for my heart to catch up with my body. I was a goner. Now Jace I was a damn bit more confused over. My gut started growling, but I didn’t know whether I wanted to wrestle him to the ground and tie him down or let him do the same to me. I just knew that whatever happened between us it would be messy and that one of us would end up getting a beating. He’s a sexy, dark bastard, and irresistible. It was pretty tough to figure out what I wanted from him in the middle of the conspiracy and running for our lives. But in the end, we found our place. And boy, the man can play sax like the blues legends themselves.

DD: What is your favorite part of Mira’s body? Jace’s?

RN: Just one for each? Hell, I absolutely adore every square inch of Mira’s body. Down to the freckle on her earlobe. Though with Jace I must say I have a preference for those X-rated parts I probably shouldn’t be mentioning on your blog.
Right now I’m going to have to get going. Mira’s calling, and when my Mistress commands… You can fill in the blank (wink). If I’m lucky, she has Jace already tied up and will let me join her play. I am one damn lucky man. But thanks for letting me visit, Dalton. I hope I haven’t scared the readers too much. I probably created more questions than answers about the journey I went on with Mira and Jace. Check out our story in Bound Odyssey. Michelle Polaris did it a fair bit of justice, and you can see my very sexy lovers in all their glory. Believe me, they’re worth it.

DD: They’re more than worth it, and you are, too. I think I’m in love. The Quirkies will let you go now, but only because we know you can be found on the Jasmine Jade site anytime we want to visit. Thank you. This has been a truly, um, uplifting experience.

RN: Just one more thing. For another thrill after listening to my wise old self, you can enter Michelle’s contest by commenting on Dalton’s kick-ass interview of me today. A random commenter will win a dark vanilla Afterglow candle. Now what’s special about this baby, aside from the turn-on of the vanilla scent, is that it burns at a low temp, can be dripped or painted onto the skin of your partner, and then used as massage oil. They market it as a natural massage candle. All sort of possibilities for this one, huh? So don’t be shy, leave me a message.

DD: Ooh, nice. Does your hot bod come with it, too? (Sorry, did I print that out loud?) OK, so you heard it here first. Leave a comment and you can win the prize! I’m going to ask Roman to draw a name after 10pm EST on Sat, 10/31. Sorry, US residents only on this one.


  1. Maggie Johnson Says:

    Dalton,that was a heck of a interview and loved your questions for Roman. Now for you,Roman….lol.I loved your answers and Mira and Jace
    are very lucky!!

    I am from the Raven Halloween Bash..

  2. Maggie–on behalf of Dalton and Roman (who is, um, busy now) I’m glad you stopped over from the Bash.

  3. Hi Roman and Dalton, you both did a great job with this interview. Didn’t scare me away at all, now I can’t wait to read more about the three of you and to see just how well your relationship works.

    I’m over from the Raven Halloween Bash.


  4. Hey Cathy,
    Thanks for stopping by. I really think you’ll like how the relationship works out for Roman, Mira and Jace. I made them work hard for it, though. Enjoy the rest of the party at the Bash.

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