A Kickin’ Bit of Praise from Joey W. Hill

I just about burst a gut yesterday when Joey Hill, my all time favorite erotic romance author, emailed me to let me know she’d featured me in her newsletter, recommending BOUND ODYSSEY to her fans. She gave me permission to quote as much as I needed, so the fangirl I am of hers, I’m going to include the whole thing below. She loved it, and having one of my idols praise me like this is an intense high.

Here’s what appeared in her November 2009 edition of her newsletter:

Have You Read This Author?

I just returned from a week’s vacation, where I was only permitted to read books, sleep, eat badly and do nothing. It was torment (laughter). Anyhow, sometime during December, just as I did on my last vacation, I plan to blog about what I read (see Blog News below). I’m pleased to report I did read some excellent books.

However, I was so blown away by one of them, I want to share it here. As some of you know, I recognize talented writing, but I don’t really gush about many books. It’s hard to knock me off my feet, because I’ve just edited way too long. For that reason, when I find a book I really love, I will gush from the rooftops. So it’s my pleasure to highly recommend Michelle Polaris’s very first published book, Bound Odyssey, released by Ellora’s Cave. This book is a BDSM menage, set in a futuristic time period. The three main characters – Jace, Roman and Mira – get right into your heart, very quickly. I’ll let you go to her site or EC for the blurb, but trust me when I say the author has an incredible grasp of not only D/s psychology, but human relationships. I fell in love with these three. She made them so real, it felt like I was in the room with them. And the truly complex character was Roman, who was submissive to Mira, but a Master to Jace. Intriguing, hmm? I’m not a huge futuristic fan, but even on that, Michelle pulled me in and made the setting become an intrinsic part of the plot, rather than an irritating distraction. The only criticism I had of the book was that the ending was too abrupt, but that may be because it’s wide open for a sequel. So much so, I emailed Michelle and threatened her if she didn’t start working on one RIGHT NOW. (laughter). If the quality of this book is any indication, we are in for a lot of wonderful reads from Michelle Polaris. 

Okay, if any of you have not read Joey Hill’s work, you have been missing some of the best, most beautiful and intense love stories around. Not to mention the poignant emotional growth her characters experience. It doesn’t matter if BDSM is your thing or not, they are so worth giving a try I can’t even describe. My favorites are her Nature of Desire series and her Vampire Queen series. But she also has a kick-ass Mermaid series and a Knights of the Board Room series which are keepers. Please visit her website now, www.storywitch.com, and take a peek. You will not regret it.


One Response to “A Kickin’ Bit of Praise from Joey W. Hill”

  1. OOH Both these series sound good. I’m going to have to go now so I can check them out further. Great post.

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