Chocolate for the Holidays

I do not bake or cook or do any version of Martha Stuart food preparation for special events. I will not be preparing any exotic dishes for the holidays. Instead, I plan to wallow in the yummy dishes prepared by my friends and family. However, I admit that one of my favorite desserts is chocolate fondue. I think I even own a fondue pot. If I could be guaranteed that I’d have this delicious gentleman to dip in my pot and then spend the evening licking clean I might break down and get busy in the kitchen for the holidays.

She has the idea down pat. Just a little holiday cheer to spread. 

Safe, sane and consensual.


6 Responses to “Chocolate for the Holidays”

  1. Just look into his eyes! Slice some strawberries and whip some cream. *fans self* What a delicious way to pass the holidays.

  2. Yum! Post him to my yahoo loop, Michelle! C’mon. Share with your new best friends!


  3. Thanks to this post I dont seem like an idiot. I had a disagreement with my wife and this proves I was right. Thanks!

  4. Herschel,
    I admit I am intrigued by the nature of your disagreement, but I’m glad I could help. Thank you for visiting.


  5. Love the jewelry and stories. Then there was chocolate. OMG, a hand dipped in chocolate and those dreamy eyes. The possibilitis are endless.

    Very interesting blog!

  6. I’m glad you liked the chocolate dipped dream and enjoyed the jewelry above. Stop by anytime. I’m planning on doing similar blogs for all the different holidays. Maybe I’ll feature one specifically about favorite chocolate encounters of erotic romance authors and their characters. You spurred an idea so major thanks again.

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