I had a WICKED good time celebrating the New Year last night. Great food, even better company, a brand new red dress, and dancing. What more can a girl want? The evening left me ready to set my goals for 2010. So here’s the short list.

1)Finish my current writing project tentatively called The Magician’s Chains.

2)Continue the sequel to Bound Odyssey from where I left off last spring. My poor characters are stuck in the middle of chapter five and my brand new heroine is in the throes of quite an interesting discussion with Mira Duncan.

3)Attend the upcoming fetish fair in Rhode Island in February. I want to check that sucker out and do more research for my coming stories.

4)Finish plotting a story I’ve tentatively titled Angel, Monster, Lover. Rewrite the first chapter, which I’d also begun last spring.

And, of course, have fun.

I hope everyone is feeling good about their own 2010 goals.

Let’s go kick some 2010 butt.

Safe, sane and consensual.


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