Man – A study

So, what do you think of this photo? Does it do it for you? I’m certainly partial to the gentleman.

Safe, sane and consensual.



8 Responses to “Man – A study”

  1. SIGH. What was the question? Oh yes, um… SIGH. VERY NICE. Where do you find your photos? LOL. I so want to buy from there!

  2. Well, it looks damned uncomfortable, but I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s into. He’d certainly be at home in one of your books, that’s for sure! I’d probably pop a sweater and jeans on him and maybe give him a scowl and some stubble if he showed up in mine. Want to co-design some Erotica Hero Paper Dolls with fold-on clothes (and bondage gear)?

    • Laurann–I was lucky enough to stumble upon this photo courtesy of a poster in one of my goodreads groups. The other pics I’ve used in my header etc… were from istock. Guess you just have to type in the correct search words (grin). He is, sigh, very nice (or maybe naughty and that’s why he’s all tied up at the moment).

      Cara–I am all over that Erotica Hero Paper Dolls project. What a cool idea. We’ll have to brainstorm. And a sweater, jeans and scowl might decorate my own heroes in all of the in between scenes. It’s nice to have variety.

      Thanks for the comments, gals.

  3. jennifer mathis Says:

    dang there should have been the get a mop for the drool warning. And bondage paper dolls lol If my mommy would have gotten me them kind maybe they could have held my interest lol

  4. WOW! Uhmmmm…..WOW!…….and did I say WOW!
    That man is fine….I sure would like to help him with his “knots”…..
    hahahahaha! Great pic! Bondage paper dolls do sound like fun.


  5. Sherry S. Says:

    OMG I love this picture it definitely does plenty for me. This is just what I needed today after all of the snow and after working 12 hours today . Thank you very much for the great picture.

  6. Jennifer–I was never one for paper dolls, either, but I’ve found a new energy for them.

    Jo–I’m inspired to take a rope tying course myself. Makes me wish I was more dexterous.

    Sherry–Glad the pic could revive you. Better than sitting by a hot fire after fighting the snow. Although both would be nice.

  7. Wow. It does stir the imagination, doesn’t it?

    Would love to see him added to our “Naked and Wow” album on ashlyn’s New Best Friends yahoo loop!


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