Contest Winner and My Self-Promotion

Congratulations to AINFINGER for winning the Valentine’s Day contest for my Jewels of Erotic Romance author promotion feature. I’ll be sending you a gift certificate to Good Vibrations. Enjoy your shopping.

In other stimulating news, I’m featured this ENTIRE WEEK (yay me!) at Long and Short Reviews Whipped Cream Reviews site. Each day I blog on another topic and there’s a chance to win a download of my book. Click here to visit. Today I discuss research. It’s not just for bed anymore.

In even better news, I’m on the last chapter of The Magician’s Chains, my current work in progress. So why am I wasting time here and not back in my files typing away? Well every author needs a break sometimes.

Please take care. I hope your Valentine’s was as wonderful as mine. My husband really came through with a candle lit homemade sumptuous dinner followed by a foot massage. Way to go DH!

Remember, safe, sane and consensual dearies.



One Response to “Contest Winner and My Self-Promotion”

  1. Congrats.

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