Review from Two Lips!

An author has to be very blessed to get as many good reviews as she has on her book. An embarassment of riches. But here I go with more self-pimpage from my most recent. Two Lips Reviewer Angelina posted a great review which I’ve excerpted below with permission.

“…Where to begin talking about Michelle Polaris’s Bound Odyssey?  To start, this is a big book – both in length and in ambition.  Ms. Polaris’s plot is huge, and she develops it well.  Her world building – Earth 2067 – is vivid and believable.  The characters, from the vulnerable Mira to the hypocritical bureaucrat villain Randolph Moore, are well rounded and dynamic.  While there are some rough patches toward the beginning, the further into Bound Odyssey I ventured, the more the story gripped me. 

Michelle Polaris takes her time in developing the three main characters, so that by the time Mira is willing to admit her feelings for Roman and Jace, we understand her conflict and reluctance.  Likewise, it makes complete sense why Jace would need a woman like Mira.  The most interesting character, however, just might be Roman.  A surprisingly un-traumatized sexual switch (he enjoys playing both the D and the s in a D/s relationship), at first I expected him to be a fairly bland Polyanna of a man.  Instead, Ms. Polaris surprised and delighted me by creating a strong, stable man who’d been through his share of tragedy, had his share of scars, but had worked through them.  In many ways I think Roman was the strongest of the three characters, and he made it possible for them to finally realize their mutual need.  My only “big” gripe with Bound Odyssey is its very abrupt ending.  Having invested so much emotion into the relationships, I felt a little bit robbed of the payoff.  That said, I’ve heard rumblings that future visits to Earth 2067 (where we left Jace’s ex, another fascinating character who needs a story – hint, hint), and Eve’s World might just satisfy my craving.  Over all, a fabulous, thought provoking read.  I highly recommend it!” —Angelina, Two Lips Reviews, 4 1/2 Lips

Okay, now enough ego stroking.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday. I’m finishing up my week at Whipped Cream Reviews in their author spotlight today revisiting my post on erotic romance superheroes.

Plus, I have a blog up at Romance in the Back Seat about my Chinese astrological sign. I was born in the year of the dog. So was my dearest husband. See what that means for our relationship.

See you later, lovelies.

Safe, sane and consensual.



2 Responses to “Review from Two Lips!”

  1. Great review Michelle and well deserved.

  2. Thanks, Ella. Hope February is treating you well.

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