The Best Erotic Novel

Another great review at The Romance Studio. Bound Odyssey received FIVE STARS from Athena. My head shot into orbit reading a line of her review that said, “This was the best erotic book I have ever read in my life.” I mean, really. What more can an author ever hope for? No pressure or anything for my subsequent books (grin).

I’m happy to report that my book trailer is in yet another contest. If you hop over to The Book Boost blog site, they’re running a contest through the end of the day Sunday, March 7th. Bound Odyssey is the last video so scroll down.

Otherwise it’s been a quiet day. I’m gearing up to work on the sequel to Bound Odyssey, which I admit already has four or five chapters written from a while back. I started getting excited about the characters. Now I just have to write like the wind to please impatient readers who wanted more after Bound Odyssey. You know who you are.

Be well, lovelies.

Safe, sane and consensual,


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