Officially Submitted!

I officially submitted The Magician’s Chains today. That’s my male/male fantasy BDSM novel set in Las Vegas and opening with a scene at an erotic magic show. It’s a relief to send it on its way into cyber space to my editor. I hope she likes it, but no matter what it’s an accomplishment to slog through a story world and fight with characters and dance with my muse until all involved parties are satisfied. I had to change the ending once and I’m praying I made the right decision. Maybe when I’m famous I can do outtakes and post the original ending (LOL!).

For now I have to thank my adolescent daydreaming mind for the story inspiration. The seed of the idea came from her night-time imagination. No wonder I had insomnia as a teen (grin).

Be well today. It’s raining here and so blah out. On the upside my hubby made some delicious piping hot butternut squash soup. Yum!

Safe, sane and consensual.


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