Breaking News!

Hey Mikey, he likes it! Or something like that. Did I mangle the commercial? Who cares. Because my wonderful, fantastic news of the day is that I’ve been offered a contract by Ellora’s Cave for my most recent project, Magician’s Chains. This is my male/male BDSM fantasy romance taking place in Las Vegas and featuring an erotic magic show. Yipee for me! So keep on the look out for Jesse Kabat and Savin Rosca. I’ll let you know when I get further news about a release date or cover art.

I have also been reflecting on the nature of slavery. For those of you celebrating the holiday of Passover, it is of great importance to reflect on this issue during this time. Slavery still exists in the world, and I’m not talking about the fun BDSM type. And aside from the horrors of true slavery that exist, we are all slaves to something. Expectations, self-doubt, those nasty “shoulds” we pile on our backs. I should have a cleaner house. I should be more organized. I should write faster. I should lose weight. I should be a better…(fill in the blank). Let’s all take a holiday from those, why don’t we? So what are you a slave to today? I’m hoping to be a slave to my edits for Magician’s Chains in the near future.

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