OFF to RT!

I’m flying off to RT, The Romantic Times Annual Book Review convention, too early for my own good this coming Tuesday morning. I think I’m going to beat the birds up. The ride to the airport comes at 3:30am. Oy!  This is my first RT convention and I am told they are a blast. Parties every night, schmoozing all day long, cover models. No rest for the wicked, I tell ya.

I am looking forward to this event big time. If for no other reason than I get a chance to wear my lovely black leather corset and boots to the Vampire Ball. (I’m wearing more than that, but I those are the highlights.) I’ve never been to a Vampire Ball, but I made the executive decision to avoid buying fake teeth or blood. I did find wings to wear to the Faerie Ball, but I’m afraid they will not fit. The face and body glitter may just have to do to give me that Fae element.

If I’m a good girl, there will be pictures to share on the blog when I get back. I have an abysmal track record with taking pictures. Long story short, I usually don’t.

 In transit I plan to work on a short story that I will post in parts at the Naughty Author Chicks group blog site later in May. It’s circus themed. I took up the gauntlet of a writing challenge when I asked commenters to throw in some circus-themed variable for a short. Jina Bacarr, one of my lovely co-Naughty Author Chicks, jumped into the challenge along with me. We will both post our stories, set in a circus fun house, on the days we’re featured on the blog. So stay tuned. It’ll be fun to see the contrast of what we both create. I’ve brainstormed the idea, but have to get to wordsmithing.

So wish me luck. You all be good. Well, maybe not too good, but good enough.

Safe, sane and consensual.


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