Romanticon Rocked!

I’ve returned from Romanticon 2010 (the relatively new–2nd annual–Ellora’s Cave reader/writer convention)  in one piece and a much better more relaxed person for having gone. Did I forget to mention I was going? Ah well. The entire event was fantastic. I’ve posted assorted photos, mostly stolen from one EC author or another because my camera sucks. Above is the photo from Saturday night with yours truly posed with the Cavemen, Shannon and CJ while I received my Rising Star Award for being one of the new Ellora’s Cave authors published for the first time this past year.

This is the wonderous Desiree Holt just about to get a spanking from Caveman Angelo at the Sunday evening Bingo party. Desiree won the gift tote full of wicked promo items from the brand new 1 800 Dom help collaboration authors. Of course Desiree is part of the collaboration, but she went home a lucky girl with a tote full of floggers, paddles and other assorted goodies. I’m posting pictures out-of-order from the events, but this one was so much fun I had to put it up early in the queue.

The first of the two above pictures is me with Joey W. Hill (middle) and Frances Stockton at the Roaring Twenties party Friday night. This was a huge fan girl moment for me since Joey is the reason I write what I do.

The next picture is of the Cavemen. You can never have too many pictures of the Cavemen from EC. Duh.

Lena Matthews (the lady in red) won the dance contest at the 20’s party Friday, although you can see me in the gangster moll costume cheering her on (mouth wide open and hollering loud). I was lucky enough to get to the top 5 in the contest, dancing fool I was that night.

Francesca Hawley (left), Cai Smith (middle) and VJ Devereux (right), lined up for the Saturday night awards dinner. These are very sweet ladies.

If I find more pictures I’ll post them. But this event was full of the warmest most welcoming people on the planet, EC authors, readers and staff. It was truly wonderful. I’m definitely in for next year. Thank you to Ellora’s Cave for making their 10th anniversary celebration rock!


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