So I’m three fourths of the way through the sequel to Bound Odyssey. I’ve promised and posted about it before. If you work on projects in the “slow mode” as I seem to do during this part of my life (well, really in all parts of my life), keeping the momentum and continuity going is quite a challenge. This summer I visited a lovely statue garden in New Jersey, Grounds for Sculpture, and the art was amazing. When I hear live music, or go to art galleries, or other events in the creative realm, my itch to write squirms inside of me. Creativity inspires creativity. And I need it. This weekend I’m visiting the Louisville Photo Biennial. More inspiration. So perhaps there’s hope I’ll get more words down, although I’ve roughly 110K words already. Kristin, Bastion and Gavreal are the names of my characters, although they are able to join Mira, Roman and Jace for their adventures.

Whatever you are doing with your lives, find inspiration wherever you are able to keep that energy alive.


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