FREE SHORT STORY – Wizards Bargain

Wizards Bargain

By Michelle Polaris


© Michelle Polaris, All Rights Reserved

Lightning charge exploded grenade intense through her body. Lina’s fingers dug into the clasped hands holding the Wizards’ circuit closed to either side of her. Sweat poured down her naked back, the control needed to stay conscious and connected in their work agonizing times infinity. The Circle swayed together in the shielded room.

Almost done. Keep it together, girl.

The last pulse of charge made a staggering lurch through their eighteen bodies and plummeted cold into the earth like it never existed.

With it, hands fell apart and she and her fellow Wizards dropped to the floor, the cool surface not making a dent in the overheated pulses firing her blood. The groans of her team echoed around her. Pain from the Draining and the lovely side effect of arousal that accompanied a Rebalancing. Her skin jumped, raw and needy.

She took several deep breaths and willed her heart to beat in a regular pattern. Damn holiday contract. If Mr. President wanted DC Rebalanced before Thanksgiving just so the average non-magical citizen could sit undisturbed around a stuffed bird and watch football drowsing on couches, he should have called them last week when the riots started. Not wait until two days before the holiday.

Lina raised her head, eyes shooting toward Devon collapsed on the other half of the room. He caught her look. The side of his mouth curved up and mischief sparked his eyes as he lowered his fingers to his cock and fondled the erection common after a Working. He winked at her, his cat green eyes complimenting his nape long auburn hair, and licked his lips. Fond warmth shuttled through her heart, and that dash of regret she usually felt drifting to sleep each night. The sensation was separate from the sexual heat lingering in her breasts, clit and labia. Devon liked to tease her about detoxing from a Rebalancing together with sweaty sex. They’d hooked up a few times. But really they were too alike to make it work with just the two of them. Or work much beyond a quickie. However Devon’s sexual talent was more than enough to make a quickie worth it. He screwed like an angel, though his killer bad boy looks made it clear he was all devil. She’d have to deal with the regret that they couldn’t have more.

Holding in her tired laugh, she searched the piles of Wizards for Samuel. There he was propped next to today’s Circle leader, his serious face concentrating on their conversation. Probably debriefing the Rebalancing effort and evaluating its success. He ignored his own hard-on as always. If she hadn’t known him her entire life, she and Devon his constant childhood companions within the crèche where they were raised, Lina would have thought he’d been born with a metal rod up his ass. But she distinctly remembered his smile. Even as recently as five years ago.

The man had matured into GQ hot¾gorgeous dark brown hair, chiseled facial structure, divot in his chin, and a lean muscled body more than adequate to fuel the daydreams of a nation of women. But from the asexual way he led his life, one would think him unaware of his appeal. She snorted. Samuel was too uptight for his own good. She loved him as much as she loved Devon. But his status as heir presumptive of the Head of the Assembly was killing him in slow measures. She noticed the tic at his shoulder as he continued engrossed in talk with Felix, the Circle leader. Okay, maybe not so slow measures.

Goddess, she was scared for him. A good man, he practiced selflessness to a fault, dedicating his life to Circle work and fighting the good fight against violence and corruption and hatred in their city.  The country was a mess, and the workload enough to crush a sexually frustrated rhino. But Samuel never avoided his duty.  She loved him for it more. Not that she’d agree to give away her entire soul to the effort like him. That was just plain stupid. In the end Samuel would be left with nothing.

He needed a caretaker to keep him safe from himself and luckily she and Devon were perfect for that role. She didn’t know why they hadn’t thought of it years ago. The forest for the trees she guessed.

Lina stretched her aroused body, nipples taut and aching, shaking out the kinks and planning to head downstairs to the Club section of Headquarters as soon as she could manage to walk without falling. She’d been mulling this over with Devon for days. It was time they took drastic action and plan an intervention for Samuel. Force him into their own twelve-step program for compulsive magical saviors. He needed to relax or the man would implode.           

And who better to take control of the situation than the two sexual Dominants he called his best friends. Poor Samuel. He might be one of the strongest Wizards born in generations, but he didn’t stand a chance.


Devon sat next to Lina at the corner table near the bar, leaning back into his seat, fingers tracing the edge of the rocks glass.  Lina’s eyes scanned the crowd. He’d seen this look on her face a million times, the predator sizing up her next meal.  He followed her gaze to a young blond Wizard clearly putting out signs of his availability wearing tight leather pants and not much else.

“Delicious,” he said.

Reluctantly, she turned back to their conversation. “But not on either of our menus tonight.”

Devon rolled his shoulders to work out the knots. “If I didn’t love Samuel so much, I’d already be busy in a dungeon room. What’s taking him so long?”

Lina shrugged. “The usual.”

Devon snorted. Yeah, as usual wasting a perfectly good evening of play in the sex club located on the basement floor of Headquarters. The Assembly took care of its own. All their needs met, from apartments in the towers of the complex, to this subterranean sexual wonderland. If his kind needed to rid themselves of overload from running bad citywide mojo through their bodies and draining it back into the earth, the Assembly was here to give them a method of doing it.

His typical self-control, the ability to outwait a recalcitrant sub, frayed at the edges. He’d waited a lot of years for a taste of Samuel and his cock was more than ready for the festivities to begin. Quick flashes of Samuel’s usually serious lips open wide and screaming for mercy from Devon, flew past his vision. Or maybe screaming for more exquisite torture as Dev pumped into his nicely striped ass. Followed by an image of them entwined on his large bed after. Pleasant daydreams, though he knew Samuel would fight it all the way.

Devon noticed motion near the entrance and nodded to the doorway. “Here he comes. We give him one last chance to do this on his own?”

Lina’s kick-ass smile lighted the entire corner of the club. “And waste a perfectly good plan? No way. All’s fair in love and sexual manipulation of a hard-up, stubborn best friend.”

Universe, her feral smile was enough to jack up his erection more. He loved it when her inner Mistress came out to play. Intelligence, a well-grounded sense of self, and damn hot with that butt length raven hair she liked to tease over her body just before she¾  Crap, he needed to focus tonight. But what her breasts could do for a leather bustier should be illegal.

Samuel reached their table and threw himself into the empty chair. “I’m fried.” He scrubbed at his dark sandpaper cheeks and kneaded his temple.

“Really?” Devon drawled. “Whatever made you tired?”

“Fuck off, Devon.”

“You work too hard,” Lina added while kicking Devon’s leg under the table. “Felix expects too much of you.”

Samuel frowned. “Not really. He threw me out of his apartment ten minutes ago. Said I needed to relax. What I need is to make sure we’ve got the situation under control in the Southeast quadrant.”

“Well I expect the President will call if we’ve failed to make the mark,” Devon replied, cutting off the speech Samuel was clearly gearing up to make. “Meanwhile, I’m famished. Must be all that mortal Turkey holiday preparation in the air. This lovely lady,” he tilted his head Lina’s way, “has offered her place for dinner. And her exquisite services to prepare a meal for the three of us.”

Lina rolled her eyes. “You’re deranged, Dev. My kitchen, but your hard labor making the food. I’ll supervise.”

“Perhaps we should order in instead. Chinese? I know. There’s a wicked good Brazilian place that opened down the block.”

“And waste the perfectly good duck I had delivered this morning? No, you’ll cook. I’ll oversee the effort. Besides, I had the Brazilian last night.”

Devon put on his best pout. “Without me? Love, you wound.” He crossed his hands melodramatically over his heart. “But if you insist I cook, it can’t be duck. I’d eviscerate it in the effort. Perhaps a stir fry?”

Lina wrinkled her nose. “You tried that last time. I don’t consider eggshells an appropriate ingredient. Really, if you didn’t like duck, why didn’t you say something earlier when–”

“Enough,” Samuel growled. “Your bickering is making my head pound. You’re doing what you always do. You can’t both be in charge. Goddess save me from two Dominants in a snit over who makes decisions. The two of you need to take a cooking class and stop having your subs prepare your meals. ” He sent them chiding looks, and Devon almost chuckled at how neatly their script played out. Luring him down to a club dungeon to act on their plan would have set off his alarms and sent him running. And if they’d invited him to dinner without presenting strife between them, he’d have cried off as overtired and gone home. But now, with his referee services clearly needed, he’d take the bait.  All that was left was to reel him in.

“What do you suggest?” Lina asked, all dewy-eyed innocence. If she batted her eyelashes he’d end up hysterically laughing on the floor. But their Samuel was blind as ever to subterfuge. Especially from his closest friends.

“I’ll cook. You two need me or you’d never take care of yourselves. You never compromise, end up arguing for hours. There’s a benefit to bowing to others sometimes. You get more accomplished.”

Bingo. And wasn’t that the point? The man was clearly made for service. It was the part of him that insisted he give his all to the undeserving citizens of this not so fair metropolis. He just needed to learn to let go and allow those he served to take care of him in turn. The missing piece to his puzzle. Devon exchanged a quick knowing look with Lina.

“Why should we do for ourselves when we have you to take care of us?” Devon asked, winking at Samuel, who snorted in response. “So it’s settled. You cook, both Lina and I supervise, and we all wallow in well deserved relaxation.”

But Samuel’s sharp mind finally kicked in and he eyed their casual, non-fetish wear dress. Jeans and tee for him. Jeans and a black halter for Lina. “Wait a minute. Why aren’t you two doing the usual prowl here and taking the edge off with a whipping boy or three?”

“It can’t be about fun and games and paddles all the time, dearest,” Lina answered.

Samuel squinted his eyes, examined them a little too closely for comfort, and nodded. “Fine. Let’s go upstairs to your place. I didn’t realize how hungry I’d become until you two started going on about food.”

“We’re hungry as well,” Lina agreed with another pretty smile.

“Famished,” Devon added. “But you’ll take care of that.”

Samuel pushed away from the table and stood.

Let the games begin.


Lina etched a quick spell outside her door to unlock it and let the three of them into her place.

The shallow foyer opened into her living room and he looked around. “You moved stuff. You used to keep your play equipment in the back room.”

The couch against the far wall had been shifted to the right and a St. Andrew’s Cross sat flush against it in its stead. Devon disappeared into a back bedroom. He crashed overnight at Lina’s frequently enough that she’d devoted one of her spare rooms to him. Samuel shook off the niggling jealousy that popped from time to time when he remembered their arrangement. The three had shared so much, it was uncomfortable to be on the outside of something Lina and Devon shared in common, namely the scene.

Lina shrugged, dropping her small purse on the buffet. “I needed to stir things up with my last submissive. He was becoming complacent.” She bent to pick up a square box as Dev reappeared. “But since he’s no longer a current plaything, I want to return everything to its place.” She held out the box for Samuel. “Be a dear and bring this to the back,” she said. “Then we’ll head to the kitchen.”

“Sure.” He reached for it, wondering what devious sex toy she had stuffed inside. Goddess, the woman was like a kid in a candy shop when she ran across some unusually shaped dildo or nasty clamp in a new size. He’d found himself dragged on shopping expeditions too often for comfort when he spent time with her. But it was hard to say no to Lina.

He’d started toward the bedrooms when she called, “Samuel.” He turned at her voice.  “Sorry about this, sweet.”

She stepped in quick, grabbed the back of his neck and dragged his lips to hers.

The kiss was hot, wet and intense, with tongue and teeth eating his mouth. His hands full of box, he couldn’t grab to hang on. And he needed to, the surge through his blood shooting hard and fast, his body full of the left over charge from the Circle. Goddess, she tasted good.

A warm, lurching flush expanded out from his neck where Lina held fast.  His mind, fogged by the unexpected assault, began to clear and protest as something grabbed at his wrists near where he grasped the package.

More warm flush tingled his palms. He tried to draw back, but Lina dug in. He didn’t want to hurt her. When he felt the constriction around his anklebones, and another telltale flush, he pushed back to escape her mouth. What the hell?

“It’s for your own good,” a pleased looking Lina stated.

She retreated. He had a breath to wonder what was happening, look down to see his wrists and ankles encircled with magic null strips, and swallow the beginnings of spiky irritation before he was slammed from the side.

The box tore from his grasp, and he was run backwards until he hit a spell-set magical cushion against the wall, breaking the impact.

Despite the cushion, the air was knocked from his lungs, and his vision dimmed. Devon pressed hard against him, grabbing at his null-cuffed wrists and pinning them above his head.

Once he could breathe again, he found his voice. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing Devon?” He heard the snick of leather threading. Shit, Lina was cuffing him to the restraints on the St. Andrew’s Cross while Devon pinned him.

No way. He reached for the magic weaving through his nervous system and hit a blank wall. What? He reached again, then memory kicked in and he pictured the null strips at his wrists and ankles. He realized Lina had slapped another on the back of his neck when she’d attacked with that kiss.

He kicked out with his legs when she moved to his ankles, but by then his wrists were secure and Devon could squat down to hold him flush to the posts. He didn’t want to hurt either of them, but he wanted free. What game were they playing?

She finished and straightened, her provocative smile matched by an equally grinning Devon. “All set love.”

“Lina,” he began, over-enunciating her name, “release me now. I’m too tired to play this shit.” He usually had good control over his anger, hyper aware of the responsibility to contain it that came with his tremendous power, but he’d been worn down the last few weeks and his usual defenses were thinned.

“I’m afraid we can’t do that. Devon and I are worried about you and we’ve decided the solution is to give you an evening of complete surrender. Yours, that is. You need to be fucked, baby. Chained you’ll stay until we decide you’ve gotten the relaxation you need.”

“You two are out of your mind.” 

 “No,” Devon added, “it’s you who are out of your mind. You don’t search out sex until after four or five Circles, and when you do its some boring mortal stand-in for your fist. It’s not enough. That doesn’t discharge the energy. Stress is kicking your butt.”

“First off, my sex life is none of your damn business.” Though his cock felt the opposite.  The steady ache from his on-going erection hit new pain levels made helpless like this. His organ clearly believed Devon and Lina were important parties in its exercise life. What the fuck was going on inside him?

“Oh but it is our business. You want to be the next Assembly leader then you sure as shit need to take care of yourself. You run yourself down and the power gets out of your control while we’re in the middle of a circuit and we all die. Basic lesson of Wizardry.”

“Fine, I’ll get laid. Now get me off the cross and remove these null strips.”

Lina stepped closer again, in his face. “You’ll remain where you’re placed. You’re going to submit to us tonight and stop this bullshit. You’re not taking our concerns seriously and you’ll end up dead soon if you don’t.  You have a lot of power inside those attractive bones of yours Samuel, and thank the Goddess it hasn’t made you an asshole, but it has made you arrogant enough to believe you have to care for the entire world. It’s time others took care of you.”

Devon began where she left off. “You either give us tonight or we file a formal protest to your appointment as Assembly leader. We have enough standing to mess up the procedure for a long while. You may be appointed anyway, but we’ll delay it enough to frustrate the crap out of you.”


“I’m hoping for that instead of a protest filing, yes. Now, do you want us to proceed or do we release you and trot up to the Administrator’s office to file paperwork?”

“You two are nuts.”

“Waiting for an answer,” Devon said, crossing his arms and smirking.

“What exactly do you want to do to me?”

“Now there’s the first hopeful thing you’ve said this evening,” Dev continued. “But as our submissive it’s really no concern of yours what we decide to do. You’ll find out as we go.”

“Yes or no, Samuel?” Lina added.

“Just tonight?” Why was he giving in?

“Just tonight,” she agreed.

“I’ll humor you in exchange for all the years of our friendship.”

“Believe me, dearest, there’ll be little humor on your end after we’re through with you.”

“Fine,” he answered, sounding sullen to himself. “Let’s get this over.”

Goddess, why he kept these two as friends he didn’t know. Okay, he did know, but his head and body were spinning with this unexpected turn of events.

“First, your safe words,” Lina said. “We’ll take the easy route tonight and provide them. Yellow for slow down, red for stop if we’ve crossed your absolute boundaries. Grant you, we know the difference, so don’t go using them without good reason.”

Samuel had spent his entire life around Wizards, most of whom practiced some form of Dominance and submission play in the clubs after Circle work. He knew the terminology, knew how it worked. Still, a nervous horde of buffalo started stamping his gut. He nodded, lips strangely glued tight.

“You obviously need to be reminded why it’s important for a Wizard to engage in these particular sexual activities. For years we’ve thought your penchant for vanilla sex a quirk. But really dear, you’re fooling yourself. Now explain in your own words why a Wizard needs this type of release.”

“I know why, just get on with it.”

Her hands shot out unexpectedly, one pressed hard to his groin, one a threatening pressure at his throat, ratcheting his arousal, squeezing his cock and forcing him to his toes. “This isn’t a request, Samuel.”

“Shit, fine. A Wizard has to channel incredible power with absolute control during a Circle or be decimated. But he has no real control of it. It’s beyond anyone’s ability to contain that energy. The contradiction screws with his balance.  His body needs to rewire. Discharge through sex.” 

“And?” Devon asked.

Endorphins had started to pump through his body, lending more haze to his mind. “Some Wizards are driven to rewire by Dominating, re-exerting complete control inside their head. Others by giving it all up in submission. Their bodies can’t stand the contradiction of both they experienced in the Working.”

“Good boy,” Lina purred. “So why you don’t pay attention to your needs since you know this stuff is beyond me, love.”

“I have responsibilities. My mind has to be focused on the end-game, Lina,” he panted. He bit down hard on the inside of his cheek to keep his hips from surging forward into her palm where she cupped his dick.

“Dismissing that as the pathetic bullshit it is, let’s move on, shall we?” Devon said, pacing around the sides of the cross.  He flicked his finger, magic spurting, and the device moved out from the wall, creating space for him to complete his circling. “First, contracts. There’s usually a formal one between a submissive and his Dominants outlining his limits, particular turn-ons and absolute no-gos, but these are strange circumstances. We know you well, and have an idea what turns you on even if you’ve been stupid enough to deny it these years. Bondage. Limited pain, rough sex. You don’t think we notice what has you breathing heavy while you watch at the club?”

He held up his palm when Samuel tried to answer. “Quiet. You’re not allowed to speak.” He leaned in next to Lina. “No more decisions or comments unless we say. You let go tonight, no choices, no responsibilities but to take what we give and meet our demands. Tonight you’re going to admit that tending this need you have is as important as your other responsibilities. Admit that you need more.” Devon’s green eyes hardened as he spoke.

Goddess, he hated this. Loved this. Forced himself to keep his mouth closed and breathe slowly. He’d get through this evening. It became a personal challenge. His skin was sensitized like sand paper had been rubbed over it. And these two hadn’t touched him yet besides the kiss and placing the restraints. Fuck.

“Good,” Lina said, eyeing his lack of response to the lecture. “Now that Devon’s made our position clear, you deserve a little attention. Sit still while we deal with these inconvenient clothes of yours.”

Walking to a black case, she flipped the locks, opened it, and retrieved a small knife. “I could magically dissolve the stitches, but cutting them off is more satisfying don’t you think? Toe off your shoes.” The last was delivered with a bite and he cursed silently as he automatically started following the command.

He sucked in another breath and his balls crept further toward his body. She handed Devon the blade and he proceeded to slice off everything. Shirt, khakis, boxer briefs, even socks. He cut carefully around the null strips, not disturbing them. Goddess, he hadn’t experienced this much helplessness in years if ever. He’d taken his magic for granted a long time. Were they right? Had it skewed his perception of his place in the world? Devon’s hands distracted him from these thoughts, skimming over the fine hairs covering his skin. For a man who played hard his touch was damn soft.

“Now a cock ring to keep you stiff as we play,” Lina added.

She retrieved the item from the box and took his shaft in hand, wrapping the leather ring around his jerking member and swiping her thumb over the head of his leaking slit. She wrapped fingers around him and pumped several times. “Lovely,” she murmured, admiring the dark red of his painful dick. Goddess, she was driving him over the edge. Oh, shit, it felt amazing. The cock ring was a good idea if he was going to last beyond the next few seconds. Strangely, he wanted to last for them. He didn’t know how the games tonight fit with the rest of his life, but he was sickeningly suspicious he’d be forced to figure it out soon.

Devon reached, sliding a finger over his collarbone. “You’re not to come unless given permission, Samuel. Shoot without it and I’ll stripe that ass of yours so thorough you won’t sit for weeks.” Devon dropped to his knees and tongued the head of his erection, licking up the sides of his dick as Samuel’s mind spun black with pleasure. He engulfed the entire thing in his mouth and Samuel couldn’t stuff his groan. The suction was strong. He added teeth, scraping the skin of the cock, causing Samuel to pump his hips helplessly.

While Devon worked, Lina took out a set of nipple clamps. His shoulders tightened. “Lina,” he called, voice shaky, not sure what he was asking.

Licking her lips, she quickly placed both clamps on his small buds, tightening the grips until he cried out. Electricity started to build at the base of his spine. Shit, maybe he’d die tonight from the arousal. Lina began caressing his skin, soft touches which she followed by gentle kisses in the same locations.  “We love you, Samuel,” she murmured. “We’ll take good care of you.” She followed the words with a sharp bite of her teeth digging into his skin.  She ran hands up his arms to his restrained wrists, played with the leather there. “You are incredibly sexy imprisoned this way.  And what a good boy you’re being for your Mistress and Master.”

His body wound tighter, Devon still going strong at his hard-on. He dug his fingers into his palms where they hung from the cuffs.

Devon broke off just as he thought he’d lose it and launch. Their hands roamed his body, switching one between the other to grind lips down on his, lick and eat at his mouth as they whispered soft endearments. In between they’d kiss each another, play their hands down the strong muscled bodies, breasts, pecs and abdomens of their partner. There was heat in their eyes for him and for each other. The contrast of hard and soft spun him further.

When Lina took out a cane, landed the first of many strikes on his ass, he started to float. They’d interrupt the discipline with more kisses and gentle scraping of nails over his sore cheeks. Firm pumps to his cock. The caning lasted forever it seemed, but ended too soon. Man he was twisted. His body disagreed. It was one big want.

Finally he felt exploring fingers at his asshole. Somewhere in the fog of it all he heard the snap of a tube opening, jolted at the cool, slick wetness on his pucker.

Devon whispered next to his ear, sending shivers down his spine. “I’m going to fuck you soon. First I’ll stretch you, since this is virgin territory, but I want inside your ass. Lovely Lina will keep your cock busy at the same time. Same rules apply. No coming until we say. We’re going to do this hard and fast and it may hurt. But I promise you I know what to do with my dick and it’s going to feel just as good.” He pressed in a finger partway and the burn and stretch dragged out Samuel’s latest groan.

Amazing. The finger dove further. “Push out for me, Samuel,” Devon whispered. “I’ll sink in easier. Relax. Let it happen.”

The digit slid further, joined by another, which was fucking intense as Devon stretched him again and again.

The top of his head was going to blow, although there’d be no blood underneath his skull as it had all rushed to his cock.  When his eyes focused, Lina had removed her top and was squatting to rub her breasts over the skin of his erection. Gorgeous. Amazing. Fucking Goddess, he was gone.

Sensations at his cock and anus had his skin twitching and his heart pounding a marathon. The strain as he fought against the restraints bruised. Not that he wanted to escape, but he couldn’t help himself.

No power, no control, no say in this.

His mind hiccupped, lost all coherence for long moments before he’d struggle back up from underneath the waves of sensation.

“I’m letting you free of the cross, love,” Lina said. But before she reached to undo the nipple clamps and cuffs, a squeezing magic wrapped him, kept his body frozen. Even unlocked he was prisoner.  His arms fell to his sides. Their combined magic, almost as strong as his would be unleashed, floated him to the dining room table.  It thrust him belly down against it and he had one minute to inhale before Devon was kicking his legs wide.

“Time to be fucked,” Devon rasped, hunger in his voice.

“Goddess, yes,” Samuel heard himself call. A zipper was undone and the sound of shushing fabric over skin. Then a firm press at his backdoor, a stretching.

Dev sunk in. So full, it burned fierce. Samuel wanted more, deeper. The motion shoved him forward on the tabletop. Dev plowed in, still too shallow. His cock on the verge of exploding, Samuel wanted to scream as Lina’s hand wrapped his organ, her fingers slick with oil and a hint of magic, which provided the sensation that it was her mouth covering his dick.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Too much. Goddess, yes. He couldn’t move. Just take it. 

And a great weight finally disappeared from him.

“You feel good,” Dev grunted. “So tight, velvet, squeezing me. Perfect.” He hit Samuel’s prostate with the last thrust and the electricity at his spine pulsed so strong he expected sparks to set fire to wood.

Faster. Sawing in and out. Blurring haze. He felt Lina unsnap the cock ring, the wet sensation return at this penis.

Almost there.

Lina spoke. “Say it, Samuel. Tell us you need this. You need to submit. You’re floating in gorgeous subspace for us because its where you need to be. Tell us you’re ours, love.”

The words burrowed in, touched him deep where he was amazed to be able to make sense of them. A seamless fit. Truth. A gift.

“Yours. Need it. Just¼yours.” The effort to speak was agony through the pain and pleasure and haze.

“Yes. Ours. Come for us, dearest,” she ordered, hand stroking his sweat soaked hair as Devon fucked him from behind.

He shot.  Cum spewed into her waiting hands, the longest ejaculation he’d experienced. So long his cock dry heaved continually after he’d run out of seed.

He heard the strangled moan of Dev’s release, felt the hot spurts of semen hit his prostate, his cock jerking again in response.

When his friend’s heavy body collapsed on top of his, a blissful peace settled in his cells.  Too soon, Dev’s weight lifted and they helped him stand. Gently cleaned him up and carried him to Lina’s bed in the other room. They released the magic constraints, though not the null strips, once they had him sandwiched between them. Dev at his back, spent cock resting between his buttocks, Lina at his front, breasts firm against his chest, their legs all tangled. Free again, not once did he think of removing the strips himself.

Lina’s soft breath feathered his cheek. “Rest now, Samuel. Because the night’s young and I have plans for you. I still need to get off, my fine sub.”

His body shook as she squeezed his dick and scraped nails down the hardening shaft. Her fingertip dug into the slit on his cockhead and he shuddered again.

“You still have to make us dinner. You’ve only fed one of our hungers,” Devon added, teasing rough as he thrust his hips.

His mind worked hard to order itself. He loved these two. Granted, he’d loved them before, but this was new territory.

“You know this means it’s changed between us,” he said.

 “Of course,” Lina answered.

“And likely will change what’s between you two. You’ll have to learn to share.” Goddess, it was too easy to accept all this. But he did. Unbelievable. But a hole was filled inside him, although he groaned to himself at the awful double entendre of that thought.

Devon released a low chuckle. “A much welcomed benefit.”

“Love you, Dev,” Lina whispered over his shoulder.

“Right back at you, Sweetheart,” Dev answered.

“I think you’re going to need a bigger apartment,” Samuel added.

Lina mused resting quietly for a time in the warmth. “This will work. Samuel is magic between us.”

Devon answered. “He is, thank the Universe. We love you Samuel.”

“I know.”

They pinched him in retaliation for his smug answer. And damn them, five minutes later they pushed him out of bed and sent him to make the duck.

 “Foul play,” he commented as he crawled off the mattress. They each slapped him on the ass. It hurt and revved his motor more.

New life, new balance. And probably time to hone his cooking skills. He’d need them with these two.

He chuckled all the way to the kitchen.


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