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Dial B for Bondage

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Kathy Kulig is running a contest at Author Island for a chance to win a copy of  the brand new 1-800-DOM-help anthology, Dial B for Bondage,  out at Ellora’s Cave. The book contains four of our series stories including those by Kathy Kulig, Delilah Devlin, Samantha Cayto and Francesca Hawley. Visit Kathy’s blog for the run-down.


Safe, sane and consensual,


Emerald Dungeon Release Day!

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Whoot! The seventh story in the 1-800-Dom-help series is out today at Ellora’s Cave! Emerald Dungeon by Kathy Kulig can be purchased to continue what I am sure is your addiction to these stories of Dominants and submissives finding the missing kinky ingredient to their lives after stumbling upon a mysterious business card.

Here’s a bit about Kathy: Kathy Kulig is the multi-published author of sexy romances. Her recent works include Damned and Desired, a 2011 EPIC Award finalist, Secret Soiree and Dragon Witch. Her stories enter both paranormal and contemporary worlds. Critics have described her writing as “very raw and hot”, “wonderfully unique” and “entertaining and captivating”. Kathy has taught workshops or participated on panels at Romantic Times Convention, NJ Romance Writers Conference, Romanticon and for other writers groups. Visit her online at

And let’s not forget the story blurb: When Dana, a harpist, gets a summer job in a medieval dinner show, she discovers a world of BDSM in the dungeon of the ancient Irish castle. Jack is a sexy Dominant who recognizes the submissive smoldering beneath the demure exterior. His skillful commands takes Dana beyond her darkest erotic fantasies. Secrets and strange events around the castle strain their relationship, and the appearance of a mysterious business card 1-800-DOM-help offers to guide them. Only with complete trust and surrender is ultimate pleasure and true love possible. 

Read on below for an over 18 only excerpt from her story. With St. Patrick’s Day just passed, I know you are all in the mood for a bit of green. And maybe you’re recovered enough from your celebration to sit down and focus on a story (grin). Enjoy, take care, and go check out Kathy’s book.

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“Look at you. You can’t sleep on that. I’ll sleep there. You sleep in the bed,” Dana said.

“No. I’ll take the floor.”

“And freeze your ass off.” She took a breath and lowered her voice. “Jack, we’re not a couple of teenagers. I thought we were friends. We don’t have to have sex just because we’re in the same bed.”

He craved to hold her through the night, nuzzle his cheek against her breasts, curve his body against her round bottom, listen to her breathing while she slept. But to do so would be torture. To feel her close throughout the night without fucking her would drive him mad. If he had a D/s scene with her, he might be able to relax and get some sleep. He doubted he’d be getting much sleep.

He’d turned his back toward the bed, so he couldn’t watch her but she hadn’t crawled into bed yet. She walked across the room and at first he thought she was stirring the fire. Instead she came out of the closet with the flogger, straps and a rope.

She laid them out across the bed then walked over to him and knelt in front of the loveseat and bowed her head. “Please, Master. Show me. I want to learn. I want to understand why I was scared by watching Shannon and Damon and at the same time so turned on. I can’t bear the thought of leaving Ireland at the end of summer without understanding these feelings. Every time I think of them, I get horny.”

A knot formed in his chest. Oh, hell. She was a sub and didn’t even know yet. He’d have to take extra care with this one. It scared the hell out of him. She might realize this wasn’t for her and panic in the middle of a session. He didn’t want to do anything to hurt her. He’d never been with a sub who was so green.

She let out a huff, spun on her heels and marched over to the bed. She picked up the leather cuffs and started strapping them around her wrists. “Dana, don’t.”

She gave him a pained looked. After unhooking the cuffs, she yanked her sweatshirt over her head. The firelight made her smooth skin glow and he noticed her nipples were hard. Her breasts were beautiful. Not huge, but perfectly shaped. Struggling with the wrist restraints, she managed to secure them to her wrists with the short length of chain dangling between the cuffs. Picking up the flogger, she walked over to Jack and knelt before him again, head bowed and raised the flogger to him. “Please, Sir, I need to know.”

His breath caught as he gazed at her naked from the waist up, wearing his baggy sweatpants that barely hung on her hips. Far from the exotic fetish wear he would see women in at the club Unfettered, but so sexy. He stood and took the flogger from her. “You need to know what, slave?” It took a conscious effort to keep his voice firm and in control.

She let out a long breath. “I need to know if pain gives me pleasure.”

He closed his eyes and took a breath. Oh, hell. She’s definitely a sub. His cock twitched in response and rose to attention. Willing himself to remain in control, he pointed to the chair. “Get into your original position.”

“Yes, Master.”

KICKIN’ OFF THE HOLIDAYS — Erotic Romance Authors and their Kick-ass Shoes

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It’s December again, and even erotic romance authors need to gear up to kick some holiday butt preparing for the winter celebrations to come. In the spirit of these winter warriors’ battle to get ready for the holidays, I’ve asked seven of them to contribute pictures of their favorite ass-kicking shoes along with links to their “go-to” sites. These includes their personal web and blogsites, links to buy their books, etcetera. For an extra treat some have included a blurb about which of the characters in their stories are most likely to kick-ass, holiday or otherwise. So browse below and get a feel for the flavors of these authors. Perhaps these are the very sexy and powerful shoes that get them in the mood…to write, of course.
(And read on for a contest at the end of this post)
Author Naima Simone


author website link: 

buylink: Shoe Time 

Naima Simone  —  “Breathlessly Ever After”  – “Hawtie of the Month” 

Caitlin, my heroine in “Sweet Ultimatum”, my first release with Ellora’s Cave (notice that shameless plug? Hee-hee-hee!), wouldn’t be the character I’d vote most likely to kick a**. Nah, she’s strong, but not in a black-hoodie-ride-or-die kinda way. 

The story I’m currently working on, though, has the perfect kick a** woman. Her name is Erin Montgomery and she is ex-military turned bodyguard. Honed in the fires of a traumatic childhood, Erin emerges a strong, tough soldier who is no longer anyone’s victim. Skilled in hand-to-hand combat, an excellent shot and strategist, there’s no a** she isn’t capable of kicking…except Love’s. 

Author Francesca Hawley
author website:

Protect and Defend received a 4 1/2 star rating from Romantic Times Magazine.  

buy link for Protect and Defend  



Seeking Truth is an 2010 Epic Award finalist and received a 4 star rating from Romantic Times Magazine.  

buy link for Seeking Truth  



Although the characters I think are most likely to kick ass are my heroes (one is a cop and the other is a medieval baron and knight), I think the heroine of my medieval romance Seeking Truth is a kick ass kind of woman.  Lady Vérité de Sauigni is a healer who marries the medieval baron/knight. Yet when he’s frustrated by a situation in which he feels powerless, Vérité tells him to calm down and shut up or she’ll have him removed from the room. She phrases it more nicely than that but she means every word and my hero, Baron Eaduin Kempe knows it. He’s ticked and intrigued by her at the same time because as a medieval baron, very few people can tell him off. Now, Vérité would never wear a pair of stilettos because she’s medieval but even so, a kick ass pair of shoes would fit her well.  


Author Cindy Spencer Pape


author website:

buy link for EC:

Kick-Ass Characters: There are a bunch, but one of my favorites is the couple in “Stone and Fire.” Half-dragon Dana Logan and gargoyle Beau DuMont take on art thieves.

Author Kathy Kulig

author website:

Her latest book is Desert of the Damned  

buy link:  

In DESERT OF THE DAMNED, Jake Montag kicks ass as a shapeshifting mountain lion. Even when his powers are taken away, he still possesses the courage and grit to challenge an ancient evil.


Author Adele Dubois

author website:

DESERT FEVER, EPIC Award Finalist!


buy link for REV ME UP:

Lisa Gibson had always been a Good Girl. Then she flashed her breasts at a hunk riding by on his Harley and all hell broke loose.


Author Stephanie Julian

author website:

buy link for Kiss of Moonlight:

Kiss of Moonlight

Tamra McMillan may look like a sweet young thing. And the shadows in her eyes might make you think she’s weak, damaged. Don’t let appearances fool you. She’s strong enough to overcome a brutal attack and fight for the man she loves. Even if Kyle Rossini is a bad-ass werewolf assassin for the Etruscan lucani king. Tam knows what she wants and how to get it. Just don’t stand in her way.


Author Dita Parker

author website: 

This is my favorite pair because we’ve had loads of fun together, they go with just about anything, and they’re easy on your feet. You can sprint in these babies, so I guess you could just as well kick some butt in them.

My kick-ass heroine lives in a galaxy not so far away. Brought up by and living among men, Nathelie wouldn’t be caught dead wearing heels. She wouldn’t know how to. Nate kicks butt as good as any man, but when it comes to showing off her feminine side… Let’s just say, she wouldn’t know how to. I think I’ll put a pair on Nate and watch her deal… (This is a WIP. Watch this space:)


And finally me, Michelle Polaris

author website:

buy link for Bound Odyssey

Bound Odyssey received 5 stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews and was a Reviewer Top Pick at Night Owl Reviews

In Bound Odyssey, all three of my characters are more than capable of kicking bad-guy ass. But if you asked either Roman or Jace, my heroes, they’d tell you hands down that Mira could kick theirs in no time flat. Actually, she’d have them down on the ground, arms wrenched behind their backs, and crying uncle faster than a jackrabbit on speed. But of course they’d say that. She’s their Mistress and where else would they want to be? (grin)

Now don’t you feel closer to these fine writers after seeing their favorite footwear? I hope you’ve enjoyed the pics and the character teasers from these authors. Browse their links and tell me what you think.  Which pair of these kick-ass shoes inspires you to go out and become your own heroine or hero of an erotic romance? One random commenter who tells me which pair of shoes they’d pick will win a set of Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games erotic cards. Unfortunately, you have to have a mailing address in the Continental United States to be eligible to win. The contest will run through Midnight EST, Friday, December 18th.

Remember, safe, sane and consensual.